Still alive… 

So it’s been almost two years since I wrote anything on this blog, so I’d forgive you for thinking I’d either gone insane, or moved on. Or both. So, just a brief update to highlight that after two more years of living with KC, I’m at a sort of point of relative stability and relative ambivalence about my current condition.
So: what’s new. Well, I tried Moorfields but, bless em’ they wanted me to try the same old tiny RGP lenses I wore way back in 2008/9. And frankly, if I didn’t like wearing two shards of glass in my eyes then, then after 7 years of ups and downs I certainly don’t want to do it again. So that all fell by the wayside and so I’m back to East Grinstead. Who, I have to say, whilst not always being the fastest or the most  empathetic of eye clinics, are pretty good at what they do. And the receptionists are always friendly (I’m talking to you Mary).

It’s been a fun couple of years. To be honest, my vision has been relatively stable and whilst frustrating, I haven’t been as affected as when I was younger. It’s still a pain in the bum, don’t get me wrong, but at the moment I’m at a point of OK-ness about it all. Oh, but a year ago my plastic lens shattered in my eye during a stag weekend in Prague. Scariest thing ever. The left over pieces only popped out of my eye after a week of hiding in my eye! Ouch!

At the moment I’m without my lenses many days as I find them frustrating to put in when the bubble of air prevents a good fit. I get along just about as my employer has given me a large screen. My eyes hurt some days when I don’t wear them a lot, but they recover with rest.

So in short: still alive. Still managing with KC. Still blogging. Oh, and in a shameless piece of product placement, if anyone wants to buy or download my wholly unrelated ebook , the Flames of Deception, I’d be mightily grateful (or it’s free on Apple iBooks. Amazon won’t let me sell it free!).

Thanks all.