As 2009 and with speed of the fabled NHS is known for, 2010 wore on, I was eventually sent to Queen Victoria Hospital, where I saw Dr Damien Lake who I am told is well versed in Keratoconus. Dr. Lake inspected my eyes and uttered words that were music to my ears: he recommended two procedures that would hopefully help my condition:

1) Corneal Collagen Cross Linking- whereby a simple procedure creates new collagen links in the eye, stopping the condition (in theory) in its tracks.

2) Insertion of Intacs- plastic rings- into the corneas to shift the eye into a more regular shape.

I was so pleased, as having read testimonials on both previously they seemed to help vision. I was confident that this would help my vision and as a result, the biggest bains of my life, the ghosting and the dizziness.

It took a while, a few more visits here and there, but eventually in July 2011 I was brought in for the first of what was to be four procedures: C3R on my left and worst eye.

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