Lenses #- what number was I on now?

Unfortunately the hybrid lenses- whilst being extremely comfy – didn’t really help my vision- at the moment, my glasses seem to give better clarity, so I have been back again to East Grinstead today to get another type of lenses- haptic lenses, which are a bit like putting a couple of satellite dishes in the eye. With a plunger.

So far, when they put the lenses in at the hospital, the vision is much the same as the hybrid lenses – that is, clear if you’re about 2 inches from my face, otherwise, blurry and ghosty. But I’ve been told to try these for a month or so, and as these lenses have to be filled up with solution to work, i think these will need a while to get used to. Fingers crossed!


Update – the morning after

So I began using these lenses the day after I received them – at first, I got my right lens in OK – but it was a little bit like being in a mental instrution – there was writing on the walls and on the windows – i.e – ghosting everywhere. I tried putting in my left lens and it fell out. A lot. So my wife had to help me sucker the bugger in. She did a damn good job and then took to reseating my right lens.

All in all, the vision is OK – not brilliant – and writing isn’t as sharp nor can I see letters as defined as with my glasses – but the ghosting is gone up to about a metre away, except when looking at a PC screen – but even then, it’s not bad considering this is the first attempt at using them. Comfort wise, they are very good! About on a par with the hybrid lenses – definitely liveable. I think that I will need to live with them a little longer before I can cast a verdict, expecially when the really difficult test – using them at work on a computer for 9 hours – is yet to come. But, I can say that if position right, these could be at least a contender. Which is good enough at the moment.

I have to go back in six weeks to East Grinstead. The receptionist knows my name – we have a bit of a rapport now!

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