I’m so dizzy…

Around about Christmas 2009, I began to feel light-headed. At first I thought this was a bug, but as time went on the feeling didn’t deteriorate. The room wasn’t spinning, but I felt a bit lop-sided and not right.

I went to the doctor and they prescribed me Prochlorperazine Maleate, which can be used to treat vertigo. It didn’t do much though.

Increasingly I began to wonder as weeks passed if it was to do with my vision. I was now in the position where I was using my lenses less, and going without, and the ghosting was growing more pronounced. On my next trip to the contact lens clinic at Maidstone, I mentioned this to the man, the same who had previously shunned my queries about my second batch of lenses. He looked confused and said that dizziness shouldn’t really be a part of this. Nevertheless I insisted my contacts be reviewed, and, to be fair, I was then given a new left lens, a Rose-K lens, which I am told is a lens designed for Keratoconus, but with no tweak of my right eye.

Again, trying these lenses were and still have proven to be a bit of a nightmare. They have been painful and the vision, whilst crisp in terms of close-up reading, does not compensate adequately for the ghosting. To make matters worse, the dizziness still persisted. Out of desperation, I returned to Specsavers.

I was looked at again by Specsavers, and was given higher strength glasses. These seemed to help a bit, but unfortunately, did not compensate for the ghosting. Nor did I expect them to, but for a time I was comfortable enough to use them, with the dizzy feeling in the background still.

In July 2010 I moved house with my fiancée, into our first home together. It’s a lovely little terrace house. With this came a change of doctors, and with the dizziness still persisting I visited them. Several vertigo-related exercises were tried to no avail, and so I was referred to a neurologist, just in case (more on that later). At the same time, having read up quite a lot by now about my condition and the specialist places that treat it, I asked to be referred to Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead for further investigation.


2 thoughts on “I’m so dizzy…

  1. hi I was diagnosed with keratoconus about half a year ago and my feelings of vertigo seem to be getting worse by the week. I have a appt with a neurologist sometime this year but im just wondering how your situation is going with your neurologist.

    • Hi Brian thanks for your message. I no longer see the neurologist as, although they found slightly enlarged ventricular activity in the brain, it was possibly not the cause of the dizziness I have felt. I believe this to be caused mostly by the KC. However it is not as bad as it has been which leads me to believe that the lenses help correct some of the factors involved in my imbalance. I also believe stress has some input as well!

      Best wishes


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