Hybrid Lenses

So I went to East Grinstead again to pick up my new lenses. After a 3 hour wait, the consultant helped me put them in. Instantly they were more comfortable than the RGPs by a mile! In fact, after wearing them now for 3 days (not non-stop!) I still feel really comfortable.

The vision isn’t brilliant, especially looking at pc screens- the ghosting has shifted and mostly gone, but what there is gets in the way and makes it hard to read anything more than 5 inches from my face! I have been told to try them for a fortnight at least as the brain also needs to adjust, so we will see! My follow up appointment is in 2 months.

As for my C3R progress- well, so far there is a very slight flattening on the back of my cornea. But nothing major. More importantly, it doesn’t seem to be getting worse though, which is positive so far!!

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