Contact lenses- Batch #3

And so I rang up the next day to try as arrange an appointment with the lens department (as the reception staff had already left at 6 when I was finished with the consultant).
“We have availability on the 16th March,” the receptionist told me. It was now February 1st.
“I don’t mean to be funny, but I was meant to be having an operation today and now you are saying I have to wait another month just to see someone about lenses?” I said back, rather grumpily I will admit.
“We can fit you in next tuesday,” came the reply, which was better than nothing.

And so the week passed as most do of late, in a blurry dizzy splodge, until I returned to the eye clinic once more.

I was seem by a new doctor/ optician, an eccentric man who spent five minutes trying to fish a contact lens tester out of the needles box! But he was very friendly and no-nonsense and pretty soon he had put the hybrid lenses in and asked me to sit down outside to try them out, albeit without a prescription assigned to them.

My first feeling was that the hybrid lenses were instantly more comfortable by miles. When I used to have the RGPs in for more than 5 minutes my eyes would go red and I’d look like I’d smoked several joints in a ventless room. With these my eyes were wide and pain-free, even if I only wore them for ten minutes or so in the waiting area.

The doctor called me back in for what was the shortest eye test in history:
“Better with or without?”
“A bit blurry on both but better with.”
“OK. Next eye- with? Yes? Good. Well they might need some tweaking but it will do for a start.”

And so that was that. I was told to book an appointment for March to retrieve my lenses, and so I will be collecting them soon. I remain hopeful they will help. Especially with the dizziness which I can only hope is attributable to the short-sighted and distorted nature of my sight, using nothing but a pair of glasses which do not compensate for the blur.

I will update this blog when I have more information!

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