Back to INTACS

After meeting with the consultant in June, and being back on the waiting list for INTACs, I wrote a letter to the senior consultant who I was advised I would be required to wait 6 weeks to see, expressing my feelings at waiting yet another few months to discuss my condition further.

in the space of a week I then received a phone call advising me that surgery for my left eye had been booked for two weeks!

I must confess to being pretty nervous, despite almost going through the process in February. The mixed emotions are whether this will work or make my sight worse, the actual process of the operation; however with few options left I am hoping this will help me, even slightly. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Back to INTACS

  1. hey
    did the intacs help in restoring your vision
    plz reply I am also hoping to visit my it opthomologist for the same

    • Hi thanks for your post. Unfortunately the intac did not work so it is being removed at a later date. I wish you well with your own operation. The results are different for everyone.

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