A pain in the Iritis

After being diagnosed with Iritis I struggled on. I was given yet more drops by my GP as the previous combination didn’t seem to be clearing things up, which had the effect of making one pupil expand to almost cover the entirety of my iris. With one small and one large eye I started to resemble the Joker or something. I felt I should have a white cat on my lap and develop an evil laugh.

I was referred from Maidstone Hospital to Pembury Hospital for the infection which, for anyone who hasn’t been there before is an ancient, dilapidated amalgamation of buildings and looks to be a cross between an old Victorian workhouse and a collection of old portable classrooms. Fortunately this has now been shut down and replaced by a shiny new hospital, and about time. I’d seen dumps with more character and life in them.

I saw another doctor, who asked me if I had considered all manner of treatments for Keratoconus that, to be honest, I had not previously been told about. Looking blankly at him, he simply waved me away and said I should ask Maidstone about the the other options. I was told the infection had cleared up though, which was good, but I left feeling puzzled about my next step – what were all the treatments and why hadn’t I been offered any of them? I began to look online a bit at other solutions. My lenses were still not right, and were hurting more as well, which now I believe is due to the steepening come of my eyes as the condition progresses.


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