Further afield

It’s been a while, so I thought I would try and write a quick update on where I now am.

After unsuccessfully trying INTACS I have been stuck with my left eye being worse than before. Lenses have not corrected as they previously did. With this in mind, I approached my GP and he referred me to Moorfields for a second opinion.

I visited Moorfields twice; once for a specialist and again for contact lenses. I spoke to the specialist who confirmed what I pretty much already knew; that no further procedures would be appropriate, with the exception possibly of more cross-linking should the process start to degrade. Fair enough I though, as I was of the same opinion that things might be reaching a place where all current procedures would be ineffective.

I returned to have a second opinion on my contact lenses a month later. Regrettably they were adamant I should try RGP lenses- the original lenses I started with years ago- which feel to me as if I have grit in my eyes! Despite arguing my point, this was their standpoint and so, unfortunately, I had to reject this as an option. They also mentioned my current left lens is too tight and will cause more corneal damage. Great, I said to myself!

Returning to East Grinstead I have been prescribed a new left lens to counter this and hopefully a slight tweak to my prescription. From here I will see how I get on.

I am partly consigned to the fact that my vision will never be what I want it to be. There are good days and bad, so I just have to roll with the punches and carry on.


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